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I2Care, the training program for caregivers!

What is I2Care?

I2Care is a program funded by the European Commission that promotes physical exercise and an active lifestyle for people who need a carer, by training their carers to pair up and offer fun, preventive physical stimulation sessions.

According to statistics, most professional carers are people of immigrant origin who lack adequate training. At the same time, it is widely recognized that family carers are often isolated and actively seeking help and support. In any case, both categories of carers are overworked, and need help.


Do the concepts of caregiver and carer, professional, close/informal not seem very clear to you? Here's a short explanation:

  • Professional caregivers: assist people with a loss of autonomy in their day-to-day activities (getting around, eating, grooming, etc.). They are generally referred to as "caregivers", and support is their job.
  • Close/informal carers: more or less have to carry out the same tasks, but most of the time they are close to the person losing their autonomy and have to devote most of their time to helping their loved one, even though this is not their job.


I2Care therefore aims to improve the skills, knowledge, employability and social inclusion of both types of caregiver. Thanks to the I2Care project, the professional and informal carers most in need of training will be able to promote and supervise physical stimulation sessions with a physical and playful component, as well as learning to work more efficiently and safely.

The program will offer online training, with sessions in video format that can be reproduced in pairs. Finally, they will be able to obtain an official skills acquisition certificate .


Guillaume Lefebvre, General Manager of Fundación Siel Bleu (Spain)comments: "Ultimately, the I2Care project aims to create an ecosystem of players who come together to broaden the range of tools available to caregivers and improve recognition of the skills they acquire in caring for our loved ones".


Which players are involved?

Association Siel Bleu France: contributes to the analysis of learning needs thanks to their extensive experience in home interventions.

Fundación Siel Bleu: Leads project management, ensures effective cooperation and communication with all partners.

Alzheimer Catalunya: Contributes its knowledge and experience in supporting patients and family members suffering from age-related illnesses: Alzheimer's and dementias among others.

Solivers: Brings its professional skills recognition and Zero Barrier database, a global certification system that addresses the challenge of diversity and inclusion through its employee support strategy.


We believe that other NGOs will benefit from the I2care project, such as patient associations, healthcare institutions, public health organizations, the general public...


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