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Presentation of the project

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Key figures on health in Europe

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Today, the majority of health expenditures are curative and not preventive.

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of the EU population has over 65 years old   in 2020. An increase of 0.4% compared to the previous year, and 3% compared to 2010. And it is not ready to stop! (according to Eurostat).

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people reaching retirement age will suffer from two or more chronic diseases. (according to the World Health Organization (WHO)).

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deaths in the world is caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

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The list goes on and on, read our white paper to learn more.

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Considering the economic situation, these expenses will increase. It is therefore urgent to act!

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The beginning

Drum roll... At the end of 2019, the Association Siel Bleu France won a call for projects in the framework of the EaSI program (program for Employment and Social Innovation) led by the European Commission.  

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This call for projects aims to consolidate the role of preventive health care for the most vulnerable in Europe and to support the largest number of people in long-term care (chronic diseases, people with disabilities, respiratory disorders...).

In concrete terms, why?

The aim of this project is to experiment, test, deploy and sustain Siel Bleu in two new European countries until June 2024.

Our aim: to test our innovative approach, developed in France, in other European countries, using the highly effective tool of Adapted Physical Activity!

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The project in details

All the information that details and summarizes the Moov&Smile project:

Objectives of the project

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  • Improve the quality of life of participants who are losing their autonomy or those in Long-Term Care thanks to Siel Bleu's support
  • Show the positive impacts of the generalization of APA on countries' economies: towards more preventive and inclusive health policies
  • Encourage and inspire the deployment of APA in new European countries

So, everything that Siel Bleu does on a daily basis, but this time in other countries!

Duration of the project

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Duration: 45 months

Who is the project for and why?

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  • To anyone who shares the same values as Siel Bleu and  to project leaders who will be embarked/ animated/ conquered by the Siel Bleu adventure and who want to make things happen in their country. Two missions: to analyze and understand the country's health ecosystem, and to become responsible of the development of Siel Siel Bleu in her/ his country.
  • For all people requiring Long-Term Care (LTC), and who are losing their independence. The benefits of APA for these people are underestimated and underused. The goal is to demonstrate the benefits of such an approach but also to identify the best levers to facilitate its widespread implementation.
  • To policy makers and various stakeholders, to provide them a concrete solution and valuable information from field experiences. The aim is to provide them the keys to adapt health policies in a more preventive and inclusive perspective.   

Support from the European Commission (EaSI)

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For years, Siel Bleu has been contacted by many project leaders from different countries of the European Union who want to replicate Siel Bleu in their countries (Italy, Portugal, Greece, Germany and Poland for example).


Our project was born thanks to the call for projects of the European Commission, and more particularly thanks to the General Direction for Employment and Social Innovation, won in 2019.


This service of the Commission is in charge of the European Union's policy in the fields of employment, social affairs, skills, mobility of workers and the corresponding funding programs of the European Union. 


5 projects have been selected and the Moov&Smile project is supported and co-financed for 3 years. Thanks to the support of the European Commission, it has been possible to launch Siel Bleu in Germany and Portugal.


Are you interested in learning more? Do you also want to be part of the adventure and open a Siel Bleu in your country? It is possible with our support and guidance!

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The stages of the project

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The common thread

Moov and Smile project milestone diagram

October 2020 - February 2021

3-year development plan

March 2021 - December 2021

Synthesis of good practices in the 4 Siel Bleu countries

Market and feasibility study

January 2022 - March 2024

Selected countries


2 Managers to develop the activity in 2 countries


  • Offer sessions to as many participants as possible!
  • Compare the impact of our sessions on a European scale


  • A network of partners
  • The basis for a sustainable structure

Countries where Siel Bleu is already established


  • Test and develop new projects
  • Data collection, analysis and implementation
  • Experimental sites to illustrate the impact of APA for people in Long-Term Care
  • Propose innovative approaches to be replicated in Long-Term Care (LTC)

April 2024 - June 2024

Writing of a white paper

  • For policy makers
  • Future project leaders who would like to launch Siel Bleu in a new country
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Zoom in on each step

What does each stage of the project consist of? What are the expectations and objectives?

The answers, right here:

Step 1 - Case studies and market studies

Using the Siel Bleu network for a global study of APA in Europe

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One representative per country was identified to carry out a case study on the creation and development of Siel Bleu in his country.

What are the objectives?

  • To make an assessment of the actions carried out since the creation of the structure
  • To analyze and compare national ecosystems on the development of Adapted Physical Activity
  • To draw conclusions to make recommendations for policy makers
  • To highlight/ compile a synthesis of good practices for new countries for future developments

Recruit project leaders in the selected countries to study the country situation

Each country manager has been recruited to:

  • Understand the ecosystem and the concrete needs of the country to propose an innovative and adapted response for a better quality of life for people in Long-Term Care
  • Study the possibility of creating a sustainable local structure and jobs
  • Study the ecosystem (health, institutional, participants, funding) and propose a strategic plan

At the end of the first stage, 2 countries were selected among the 3 selected.

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Step 2 - The experimentation phase

The objectives of the pilot

  • Develop new projects and new structures to reach the first participants (trained and certified trainers in APA)
  • Collecting, analyzing data and applying it to illustrate in a concrete way
  • 5 fields of experimentation to illustrate the impact of APA for people in Long-Term Care  
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This new stage is divided into two parts:

Countries already established

The aim is to test and deploy innovative approaches to Long-Term Care (LTC):

New countries selected

It is a question of fully embarking on the Siel Bleu adventure, which implies:

  • Spain :
    Post program
    covid program with the Unité Fonctionnelle des Maladies Pulmonaires (UFIP) of the Pneumology Department of the University Hospital University Hospital

    Objective: to help promote physical activity in the care of patients in the same situation. This is a prospective, quasi-experimental, pre-post program., which includes
    100 patients with covid-long" to assess the benefits of supervised Adapted Physical Activity in patients with persistent respiratory disorders.
    To find out more

  • Belgium:
    Falls prevention program for the association's beneficiaries.
    Objective: to demonstrate thepositive impact of Adapted Physical Activity on people losing their autonomy in nursing homes, both in terms of reducing falls and improving their quality of life.
    To find out more

  • Ireland :
    Development of a national program with the Parkinson's Patient Association.
    Objective: to extend the program developed with the Parkinson's Patient Association in Dublin to the whole of Ireland.
    To find out more

  • Creating sustainable local jobs
  • Creating legal and juridical structures  
  • Giving continous knowledge and train on the Siel Bleu tools  with the help of the Siel Bleu community (all the services of the different entities)  
  • Searching for the first local partners and deploy the activity to build a network  
  • Providing field experiences proving the benefits of APA that will offer a new policy tool for long-term care planning in the target countries
  • Raising funds to sustain the activity  

Step 3 - The white paper

The third and final stage of the project is devoted to the elaboration and publication of a white paper intended for future project leaders who would like to replicate Siel Bleu in their country, but also for the political leaders of the EU Member States.

It will be based on the studies of the first stage (case studies and market studies) and the experiments of stage 2 of the project.

With the support of the European Commission, we will be able to provide concrete case studies and implementations whose effects should be effective from the second year of the project and will provide a new tool for health systems and public policy planning.

Among other things, it will relate:

  • The benefits of Adapted Physical Activity for people with a loss of autonomy which are currently underestimated and underused.
  • Demonstrating the benefits to all stakeholders involved in the local environment.
  • The consideration and awareness of people in need of Long-Term Care that APA is a tool that empowers them and improves their health while helping them live a better and more independent life.
  • Designing sustainable models adapted to local environments (legislation, APA education, health system organization, communities, etc.)
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For your support

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Federation Siel Bleu Association
Federation Siel Bleu Association
Federation Siel Bleu Association
Federation Siel Bleu Association

Three people were recruited for this project:

  • Lucie BASSINAH:

Coordinator of the Moov&Smile project

  • Charlotte BASCOMPTE-SOLER:

Europe Project Manager

  • Benjamin MULLER:

In charge of the international missions within the Association Siel Bleu

With the help of:

  • Jean-Michel RICARD:

President of the Siel Bleu Association

  • Jean-Daniel MULLER:

General Manager of the Siel Bleu Association

  • Guillaume LEFEBVRE:

General Manager of Fundación Siel Bleu

These are:
  • Coline LE BOLLOC'H:

Responsible for Advocacy within the Siel Bleu Association

  • Floriane RAME:

Head of Sponsorship and Partnerships at the Siel Bleu Association

  • Erwann JOUON:

South-West Manager at the Siel Bleu Association

  • Siel Bleu Institute
  • Siel Bleu Foundation
  • Siel Bleu Development
  • Siel Bleu at work
  • Nutrisiel
  • Humani Cura

And the unfailing support of all Siel Bleu entities:

  • The Siel Bleu Association in France
  • GymSana in Belgium
  • Siel Bleu Ireland
  • Fundación Siel Bleu in Spain
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Siel bleu team photo

The entire Sielbleusien community is always available to help each other, to move forward and to improve day by day in order to test and deploy Siel Bleu in the best possible way!

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Receive our white paper by filling in this form

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