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Who are we?

Our DNA, our commitments

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Present today in 6 countries around the world, the Siel Bleu Association support more than 210,000 participants each week thanks to its 870 professionals graduated in Adapted Physical Activity.

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We work on a daily basis with more than 10,000 partners in Europe to give everyone, regardless of their ability, location or financial situation, the opportunity to improve their health and well-being throughout their lives.


As a social and solidarity player, the Siel Bleu Association is committed to tomorrow's health. Winner of various awards and distinctions around the world, the Siel Bleu Association has continued to grow and act to prove that Adapted Physical Activity has a positive impact on the health of the participants on a daily basis and a positive economic impact on health policies.

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And we don't intend to stop there! At Siel Bleu, we believe that Adapted Physical Activity, awareness of better nutrition and eco-responsible issues are the main tools to improve the health and well-being of participants while creating social ties. Do you also want to participate? If not, browse through this site, we will explain everything to you.

Elsewhere, Siel Bleu continues to expand through numerous projects in Europe and internationally. Currently in the experimentation phase in Germany, Portugal (we talk about it here) and internationally, Siel Bleu's vocation is to extend its family, to continue to transmit its vision, its values and to spread its smile.

So, ready or not? What if it was your turn to launch? Do you want to develop Siel Bleu in your country?

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What is Adapted Physical Activity?

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siel bleu smile

To understand what Adapted Physical Activity is, we must first define what Physical Activity is: it is the realization of bodily movements through muscle contraction, thus increasing energy expenditure.

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We therefore speak of Adapted Physical Activity (APA) when the movements are adapted to the capacities, needs and desires of the person, particularly the frail.

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Is it the same as sport? No, because in general, sport is associated with performance or competition.

And because we often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, we suggest you watch the video above, to better understand.

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Our vision, our mission

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siel bleu smile

Good health is a right and prevention is a common good to which everyone should have access. 

"Draw me a sheep..." Our dream? A society in which everyone has access to universal preventive tools and in particular the practice of Physical Activity adapted to their needs, desires and possibilities, whatever their age or state of health, for a better quality of life, through good habits and a more active lifestyle.

Do you share the same dream? Great, then we're meant to get along and work together!

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Supporting everyone throughout their life cycle to feel better in mind and body: seniors, people with chronic illnesses, migrants, employees, caregivers, people with disabilities... Or anyone affected by extreme poverty. Caring for the last one in line is non-negotiable.

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Our fundamental principles are financial and geographical accessibility for all, because we believe that staying healthy is a right and should never become a luxury.

Are you ready for this mission? Join us, go for it!

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Our support from head to toe

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siel bleu smile

A head: the Siel Bleu Institute

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To invent, study and disseminate new health practices accessible to the greatest number of people by working with specialists from the medical world.

Two arms: the Siel Bleu equipment

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Our own range of adapted material designed with the participants and the professionals of Siel Bleu.

A heart: the Siel Bleu Foundation

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To ensure the financial and geographical accessibility of its programs, while preserving and transmitting the vision and values of the Siel Bleu Association since 1997.

Two legs: the sessions

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All types of sessions: group sessions, in hospitals, nursing homes, individual sessions at home, and so on...

Or "Siel Bleu at work" which offers activities for employees in the workplace.

To best support our participants, we use these two main tools, which create social links: Adapted Physical Activity and smiles... but not only!

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Tools to support you

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siel bleu smile

In order to be as close as possible to the needs of our partners and participants, Siel Bleu has developed over the years a list of tools (as long as your arm):

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  • Tools to carry out a personalized diagnosis in each structure where we intervene, such as MAPEO in Spain or Globalisiel in France: identify the needs of each structure and propose an adapted support to the participants according to their level of autonomy, to the caregivers in their daily life, or to the care professionals to improve their working conditions.
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  • A tool to test and evaluate the participants' state of health and follow their progress during the cycle, such as the Humani Cura application in France: observe their progress and measure the impact of their physical and mental state as the sessions progress (individual, group, corporate...).
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  • Dietary support such as Nutrisiel in France, for expertise on healthy eating: support and educate participants on better nutrition, alongside the sessions.
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  • A 5-day support program with stays*, for a wellness break: an opportunity to exchange ideas, discover new health tools and treat yourself to a moment of well-being, so that life can regain control over your illness and get back on track!
  • Siel Bleu equipment, for a complete and adapted range: Our own range of adapted equipment designed with the participants and Siel Bleu professionals.

*Stays adapted for people affected by cancer (Maison de la Vie), stroke (Maison de l'AVanC') or Parkinson's disease, but also for young people suffering from a serious oncological disease (Séjours Hors du Temps).

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Siel Bleu online, to go further

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siel bleu smile

Because it's important to keep in touch beyond face-to-face classes, various platforms such as GloFox in Ireland or GetphY in Spain, are available for taking part in online adapted physical activity programs.

You will find suggestions for exercises, advice and articles, adapted to each profile, whatever the level.
Being accessible is fundamental for Siel Bleu. This is why these platforms also make it possible to offer Adapted Physical Activity to people who are further away and not always part of a program with local partners.

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Joining the Siel Bleu adventure also means to have access to all of these tools and to be able to develop and adapt them according to the needs of your country!

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Our impact

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siel bleu smile

At Siel Bleu, we demonstrate the impact of Adapted Physical Activity on the lives of participants through our scientific studies.

So you, (future) project leader, help us to increase the need of action on sedentary lifestyles and to help health policies to make savings in order to move towards a system that is more preventive than curative in Europe or internationally.

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The HAPPIER study

With the support of the European Commission, the HAPPIER (Healthy Activity and Physical Program Innovations in Elderly Residences) study analyzed and measured the effects and impact of Adapted Physical Activity on residents in nursing homes.

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The OSSEBO study

Conducted with the Inserm, this study aims to analyze the effect of an Adapted Physical Activity program on the prevention of falls with fractures or other serious physical trauma.

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The McKinsey study

This study, conducted in 2012 by the McKinsey firm, aims to prove the economic impact on health systems by mainstreaming Siel Bleu's activities.

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Our awards and distinctions

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siel bleu smile

Ashoka Fellow since 2006, Siel Bleu accelerates its development with Ashoka (NGO, a network of changemakers, acts in favor of social innovation).

In 2009, GymSana (Siel Bleu in Belgium) wins the award the "Hors-pistes"* (innovative social enterprise) by the King Baudouin Foundation.

In 2010, Siel Bleu receives the prize of Social Entrepreneur of the Year at the international level by the Schwab Foundation of the World Economic Forum.

Irish Healthcare Award - Best patient education and lifestyle project in 2015.

In 2016, the "Siel Bleu at the hospital" project to develop the prescription of physical activity in hospitals wins the "La France s'engage" competition.

In 2018, Siel Bleu is selected by "The French Impact" as one of the 22 Pioneers who can be a game-changer in France!

In 2019, Fundación Siel Bleu (Siel Bleu in Spain) receives the "Making More Health" award from Ashoka and Boehringer Ingelheim.

In 2021, Siel Bleu wins the Fit For Life Foundation award for its innovative and impactful approach to improving the health and fitness of older adults.

The Siel Bleu community - Where to find us?

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siel bleu smile

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