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Deployment in Portugal

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Portugal is one of the two countries selected for the second phase of the Moov&Smile project, which involves, among other things, experimenting, deploying and perpetuating Siel Bleu in two new European countries until June 2024, by improving the quality of life of beneficiaries who are losing their independence or in long-term care thanks to our tool, Adapted Physical Activity.

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State of play

Arnaldina Sampaio is our Project Leader in Portugal, the country selected for the Moov&Smile project. 

To carry out her mission, Arnaldina first conducted an analysis of the Portuguese territory to understand the ecosystem and the needs of the country, in order to establish development paths for creating and deploying Siel Bleu in Portugal.

All the latest news from Siel Bleu Portugal:

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Arnaldina is currently supporting nearly 200 participants a week over a 4-month program with 12 partners. Would you also like to bring a smile to the health of your residents?

Contact Arnaldina to find out more information!

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Its flagship programs

  • Alzheimer Gymnastics
  • Chair gymnastics
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Main partners

  • ANSE Maia
  • ANSE Porto
  • Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Joao da Madeira
  • Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Vila Nova de Gaia
  • CuidaCarinhos
  • DomusVi Porto
  • DomusVi Aveiro
  • Associação Cuidadores
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Main data to remember

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Portugal is the 3rd country in the EU with the highest % of elderly population in 2018.

It is expected to be the EU country with the highest % of elderly population in 2050.

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20 years difference between average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy.

It is therefore important to improve the quality of life of older people!

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Today: municipalities guarantee affordable prices and a variety of exercise sessions for seniors.

However, they are mainly for independent people and the community. Only a few offers for seniors who are in a loss of mobility or in a situation of dependence.

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There are entities (gyms, associations, clubs) that offer exercises for the elderly, however, they develop their activities in a punctual way (without differentiation and/ or without follow-up).

But also:

  • 60% of seniors live alone or with people of the same age group
  • 81% of seniors are overweight or obese
  • Difficulties in at least one activity of daily living for more than half of the elderly population (52.4%)
  • About 16% of the elderly live in institutions
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Territory in development

The study of the Portuguese ecosystem (health system, institutional, beneficiaries, financing) allowed us to determine that the second phase of the experimentation, to create and develop a new Siel Bleu structure, would start in Porto because :

  • 350,000 people are over 60 years old
  • 227 retirement homes and 204 day care centers
  • 92 social centers
  • Consumer prices, including rent, are 13.1% higher in Lisbon than in Porto
  • The municipality of Maia has the largest industrial park in the country

Arnaldina is currently in the deployment phase.

To stay informed of the progress and development of her project, find her on our social networks.

To understand the whole analysis, leave us your email address to be alerted as soon as our white paper is published:


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